We supply uniform elements – including shirts, blouses, jersey, knitwear and other products – to many of the UK’s and Europe’s largest employers.  In addition, we are a major supplier of ties, scarves and accessories to some of the world’s leading brands, including a number of leading football clubs.

Corporate Uniforms

Over the past few decades, The Roberto Group has grown to become a significant supplier to corporate clothing and uniform aggregators. Our customers put together full uniform solutions for some of the biggest employers in the world – and we are proud to provide our part of each solution.

Historically, uniforms involved just a few branded items – ties, scarves, epaulettes or cap badges – but over recent years corporate clothing and uniforms have come to be a much more integral part of how large businesses project their corporate image.

From our heritage as tie manufacturers, we have always been strong in more formal clothing, providing parts of the uniforms of the UK’s four largest airlines and four largest banks.  More recently, we have built a strong following for our casual uniform garments – including polo and sholo, cargo pants, utility skirts and more casual jersey and knitwear.

Top-Flight Football

Roberto is currently growing fast as a supplier of ties, bowties, cufflinks and accessories to Premiership and Championship football clubs across the UK.  We are proud to count Sheffield United, Wolves, Brighton & Hove Albion, Burnley and many other major clubs among our customers.

Innovation & Design

At Roberto, we believe that everyone should feel great about what they wear to work each day.  With this in mind, we work hard to bring newer, better things to the corporate clothing market.

Some of this is about innovation in fabrics – balancing the functionality and strict image requirements of uniforms with a desire for comfort and wearability.  Yet more of this is about great design – whether it’s new textured knits, or beautiful prints that pair fashion trends with company colour palettes.

We bring what we know from our work with fashion retailers to the corporate marketplace.

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